Easy Baby Potty Training Tips

For most parents, after the feeding challenges have been conquered, the next big hurdle to cross is potty training. No matter what you call it, potty training or toilet training is an intimidating task, especially for first time parents who are still groping in the dark for many of the other issues regarding their baby. A lot of parents complain to pediatricians that their experience with the potty training of their toddler was an uphill task. A lot of parents have struggled with it and some of them are fortunate enough to get stories and lessons from fellow parents. For those who do not have that luxury, here’s how you can deal with this important milestone of your child’s life:

* An individual has the best knowledge about their own body and the same applies to your child. It is not always possible for your child to perform in a manner that you want and at a pace that you set. One of the ideal ways to potty train your child is to let the child get comfortable with the idea first. Instead of forcing your child to the potty, be a little more encouraging. Take your child to the potty and leave him/her there. Allow your child to take his/ her) own time and get used to this new experience. While your child is using the potty, do not be impatient but rather talk to your child encouragingly.

* There is another, though great unconventional way, to get your kid to use the potty. In the morning, you can give your child a little warm water and allow him/ her to remain in only a shirt. The warm water helps to stimulate bowel movements and soon your child will need to use the potty. Place the potty in a convenient place like the family room. If you find that your child is soiling himself (or herself), quickly take him (or her) to the potty. When your child has used the potty, be sure to reward him (or her).

* There is no time table for going to the potty. If your friend’s child goes to the potty in the afternoon, it doesn’t mean that your child will go at that time too. An interesting concept is to make a time table to track down the time of the day your child usually needs to go. There may be variations on a daily basis, but you will at least get some idea.

* An important thing to do is to decide which kind of potty you want to buy. Once you buy a potty, try and make it comfortable for use. Get a colorful toilet seat for the potty so that your child will actually want to sit on it.

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