Exactly What Day to Start Potty Training

A toilet trained kid does not embarrass you when you are at your friend’s or relative house. But what is the right time for toilet training? The best time to begin the training is the time; you both share with each other at great ease. Do not ever force your child to start using the toilet.
However, there is no exact date you can schedule as to start giving potty training. But you can know the right time for it by judging the emotional or psychological changes in your kid. It is wise to start at the age when your child is able to control his or her bladder or bowel movements and shows interest in using the toilet.
Some parents who become sick of changing diapers are willing to start giving potty training in advance. Well, this is not recommended because thus, the child would resist the process or may suffer from toilet terror.
Moreover, you need to bear in mind that every child is different from another that is why different children show significant signs for learning potty training at varied age. Most kids show this between the ages of 2 to 4. But how do you determine that your child is ready for the potty training? What are these signs? Some of these signs are –

When your kid starts copying his or her elder sibling.

He or she feels uncomfortable in wet or dirty diapers.

He or she can pull up or down his or her pants.

Their expression shows that they want to utilize the toilet.

When they can know or understand their bodily functions.

Copying the parents’ bathroom habits.

To build confidence and make them feel grown up, start helping your kid in pulling down or up his pants.
In case they are reluctant to learn the potty process, then do not force them to learn. It is wise to teach the small kids the use of potty seat with other fellow kids. There is a process called ‘express toileting’ to potty train babies before two years of age. Although, it is hard to train a kid, who is not able to sit properly. So, it is not the right age to train the kid before two years of age. If you do so, then the whole process lacks the child’s involvement in the training.
When you wait for the right time for the training process then the process will be faster and easier for both the trainer and learner. The right time only depends upon the child itself. For the whole process it is a must for the child to show interest and trial attitude. Carry out the procedure according to your child’s pace. Otherwise they will not be able to relate the things going around them. Do not punish your child for accidents.
So, familiarize your child with the potty chair in a right and an appropriate way.

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