Potty Training – Getting Your Child Prepared

Is your child ready for potty training yet? And if so, how do we introduce the potty to our baby and the idea of using it? Here are a few tips I think might just help you.

A lot of parents will use media such as DVD’s and of course books, as this is a great way to slowly introduce your baby to the potty and how it all works. Reading a book to your child on the subject is a great idea, especially before going to sleep. The pictures have a big impact and spur your childs curiosity. Or if you prefer watching a video, this is also highly effective as well. Some parents will do both, such as a DVD video in the day and the book at night.

After doing this for a while, your child will start to understand quite a bit more. This is a good time to use a potty chair and introduce it. Kids love something new, and being familiar with it already via the videos and books, will want to try it. There are also training pants for toddlers that give feedback to your kid as he or she will feel the moisture and associate that with needing to go to the potty.

Another thing a lot of parents will do is use a reward system when potty training their child. As we all know, kids love stickers, treats, snacks etc. and having a small incentive is a great idea. Plus most kids want to please the parent and be told they are doing a great job.

There are many different methods for potty training and tons of books have been written on the subject. But usually the best approach is to keep it simple, introduce the idea of potty training to the child slowly via books and vids, and most importantly reward them for their successes. With a little patience your child will be trained in no time at all.

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