Toilet Training – Special Needs

Toilet training is a hard task and having to train children with special needs does not make it easier. It calls for patience and a lot of love on the part of the parent or the caretaker. It may not be as easy as training a normal child. These children include those with autism, retardation, Down’s syndrome, cerebral palsy among others. Mentally and psychologically, such children face a lot of challenges and their development is not normal.

Learning for a kid mostly depends on his mind’s development level and not his chronological age as most of us tend to think. This tells you that if the mind is impaired, then learning will be quite a challenge. To toilet train children with special needs, you will have to yourself down to their level and understand them. Look out for cues that they may hint that they want to ease themselves and at such points, get to introduce the potty to them.

Watch out for signs of recognition, co-operation, discomfort especially when they are wet or pressed by a full bladder, among many other non verbal cues. This is the time to design a potty chair for them and to encourage them to sit on it after undressing and then flex their bowels open. It is always good to teach your child through setting an example, so do not feel shy to sit on the potty chair yourself if you can, then they can imitate you.

One thing that may play the trick as you toilet train a child with special needs is to praise him or her when they do their potty right. In fact, throw a ‘party’ for the achievement. Never scold your child and do not run out of patience, they rely on you.

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