Regression Toilet Training

There are many things that parents have to train their kids on and they all require a lot of patience on the part of the parents. This is because children can sometimes defy rules and instructions in their innocence and this can be a source of frustration for the parents and other caretakers. Toilet training is one of the learning processes that parents have to take their toddlers through.

This is not an easy task and it requires a lot of tactics and skills on the part of the parents. The best age to begin teaching your child is when they are between 18 and 24 months old. At this age, they can listen and obey. Some children are however stubborn and may not be cooperative and may even throw tantrums on the slightest provocation, leave alone being given instructions. This will present a lot of toilet training resistance.

To be on the safe side, do not get angry or lose your temper on the child. You could do away with the potty idea but revisit it after a while. Do not even pressurize them because they will resent not only the potty but you too. This will pose more problems for you. What you can do at this stage is to make use of toilet training charts to make the whole idea attractive to the toddler. Make use of colorful potty figures and stickers. Also look for attractive designs for the charts and hang them in the lavatory area to invite the child in there.

Attractive enough charts will make the child get more involved and motivated. Look for interesting pictures to stick on the chart like those of his favorite cartoon characters. Make the bathroom look are luring as it can be.

Once you fully understand what the triggers are, then you will be able to further adapt, refine, and fine-tune your potty training tactics to help you help your child overcome this hurdle, like the ones discussed in this comprehensive guide to toilet training regression.
This valuable resource contains detailed information that will guide you, step-by-step through the toilet training process and help you address some of the most common potty training issues that parents are faced with.
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