Toilet Training – Advantages Of Potty Training A Child Early

Are you thinking of potty training your child early?

Find out the advantages and disadvantages of toilet training a child early.

Many parents in the Western World today do not choose to potty train their child early. Many experts tell us it is not possible to train a child until they are around the age of two. 30 years ago this was untrue and most children were potty trained between 6 and 18 months of age. It is our culture that has changed and not the ability of the toddler to be toilet trained. I consistently potty train children before they reach the age of two both in a home and in a daycare situation. In fact it is easier to complete the process easier in a daycare center because there are other children around who can set a good example to follow.

The reason we do not potty train children early today in Western Society is because in many families both parents work and are not around to be involved in the process. This is important because the process of potty training a younger child involves the parents having to learn how to be more in tune with their child’s elimination processes. Commencing potty training at this age is about communicating with your child and learning to respond to his signals as to when he needs to “pee” or “poo”. He can learn quite easily what is expected of him and to go potty in the bathroom.

There are advantages and disadvantages to commencing potty training


  • You can save $1000’s
  • You help the environment
  • If you can start before he is mobile, he will be more willing to sit still on his potty
  • He will learn how to communicate more with verbal and non-verbally messages earlier
  • He has less time that he has to unlearn the lesson he was taught about using his diaper for his bodily functions


  • You need to have to have a more regulated schedule
  • You and other care givers needs to input more into the process
  • You have to learn to understand his non-verbal communication, indications that he needs to go potty
  • It is likely to take a little longer
  • It is more difficult to find underpants and knickers for children under the age of two
  • Other parents will criticise you and tell you it will harm your child.

It is not easy to start potty training a baby early and you will find many people will criticise you for attempting this. Surround yourself with people who will encourage you in toilet training your child early and not ones who will pull you down with their negative comments.

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