Baby Bjorn Potty Chair

Description of a Baby Bjorn Potty Chair

Baby Bjorn Potty Seats are larger and more oval rather than pure circles to better fit the seating position of the child.  The chair also have side armrests to make it easier to use and more comfortable for toddlers. It is easy to set up, easy to empty, and easy to sit with leak prevention mechanisms and phenomenal engineering.  Since the splash guard is larger, your child won’t be able to sit down properly unless they’ve fixed their pants or pulled them all the way down.  This enables them to be in the perfect position to go without splashing.  Most users have had no complaints about this product due to its core engineering and the products now-how around toddler structures.

Baby Bjorn Potty Chair Pros and Cons

This is a very simple design that makes it functional, stable and easy to clean out.  The price is also very low costing you around 25 dollars.  It may be a bit higher than other potty chairs considering it doesn’t come with any step stools or multitasking agents, but because it works so well, is so efficient, and so simple to use, your child may not even need transitioning chairs.  There are no problems with the chair sliding around because it has a rubber grip on the bottom to hold it in place.  This, however, may need to be cleaned more often as it can catch dust and other debris off the bathroom floor.

Another con besides the fast dirt adhesion to the chair is that it cannot be transported easily.  Because of its design and structure, you cannot just fold the Baby Bjorn potty chair and travel with it, so it may have to be left behind on road trips or fit in place of that extra maybe bag.  Also, since the splashguard is larger, it may take some getting used to by the child for him or her to feel comfortable sitting on it and using it.  However, most parents have said that their children usually figure it out quickly and it helps them to make sure they are sitting how they need to in order to avoid splashing.

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